A rebrand and recommitment to marriage. New ministry look, updated strategy.


We partnered with the Grace Marriage team to completely reimagine the brand as their mission was to help churches and couples, reimagine marriage. A new brand strategy along with a totally new look and feel to enhance connections with couples around the globe building biblical and Godly marriages. 

From a whole new logo and brand to new engagement pathways, everything was “reimagined” to build a cohesive strategy around their mission and vision.

Helping churches reimagine marriage ministry.

The New Mark

We wanted to design a mark that felt modern, and simple, and created intrigue. We created each “g” with a circle representing a ring (one with a diamond to represent the wife’s ring, the other with the husband’s ring). With the abstract “g’s,” it causes your mind to make the connection taking it deeper into the viewer’s cognition.

We designed the new logo with a two-tone blue color (light and dark) to stay away from the expected “pink” and “blue.”

New Vision Booklet 

A whole new way to share the vision in print with churches and ministries in a tangible way.

Custom Illustrated,
Animated Scenes 

We wanted to create new characters and bring some Grace Marriage couples to life through the animated scenes.
(Look for the hidden “g” logo in each scene.)

New Engagement Path

We created a custom engagement path with the “Drift Quiz” to help couples get a glance at the “drift” in their marriage, as high or low. This helps build a foundation for the next steps and to lean into Grace Marriage resources.

Take the quiz at DriftQuiz.com

Enhanced Website & Onboarding

A brand new website embraces the new logomark, branding, colors, and animated Lottie (SVG) elements to bring the Grace Marriage characters to life. We animated the onboarding path of Assess, Engage, and Grow throughout.

"When couples hit a rough patch in their marriage, the tendency for most is to seek better ways of behaving and performing in order to improve the relationship. The problem, of course, is that outward behavior doesn’t always reflect the true state of our hearts! In their new book, Brad and Marilyn Rhoads (Grace Marriage) have extended a gospel-oriented approach to marriage that is rooted in the kind of love and grace Christ holds out to us.

Jim DalyPresident